Do All Smartphones Need Data

Blackberries and Smartphones are devices that are meant to be always-on data. It is impossible to prevent the phones from accessing data without mechanical interference entirely. Data plans can be inconveniencing to people who do not use data regularly.

It is absurd that when using Verizon’s network, you cannot disable data. You would have to cripple many features in the phone when you switch off data, but the network companies choose this route anyway.
Smartphones – data is not a necessity to everybody. Some people would want to own a smartphone without data for many reasons. A smartphone is some mini-computer, and you probably would want to have one with or without data. Many people would want to disconnect their data for short periods during the day.
Phone carriers have devised ways of ensuring that people subscribe to monthly data plans that sometimes do not need. As a result, the network providers earn about $30 worth of data from you every month.


Sometimes when you are fed up with all the controlling from your carrier, you can decide to call them and threaten to cancel. This may be a rough way of handling the situation, but it can cause them to give up the data plan. However, this method does not always bear fruits and will depend on which carrier you use. Have a look at some tips for using your phone without data:
Avoid Smartphones – data using Wi-Fi
This is the simplest way of avoiding data plans. To minimise your usage, you can use free services for texts and call whenever you are in a WiFi zone. For instance, you can text for free using Google Voice when in a Wi-Fi area; there are also many VOIP providers that offer cheap or free texting. This method can help you to save a significant amount of phone bills if you use a good network provider.
Use a Prepaid Plan
Datafree options can be found in a prepaid data plan for many network providers. This depends on your carrier, but you will be lucky if you are using T-Mobile or Page Plus. These two carriers are recommended for data-free smartphones. If your phone has a SIM card, you can easily swap it to another phone, and enjoy texting and calling without using Smartphones – data.
Have two phones
If you want to use your smartphone without data, you can forgo having only one phone and get an extra “dumb” phone for calls. The other phone could even be a Galaxy or a second-hand smartphone. If you do not need advanced technology on your second phone, you get a variety of used phones on eBay. However, juggling between two devices can be annoying sometimes.
Smartphones – data free contracts
Using two phones might not work all the time. Since most carrier can detect the kind of device, you are using when you insert your SIM card. Most likely they will include a data plan into your contract if they suspect that your SIM card is being used in a smartphone (they’ll usually notify you before do that). AT&T is more likely to do this than T-Mobile is. However, this is risky, and it is not recommended that you cancel your contract just to have two phones. If you have an existing non-data agreement with your carrier, stick with it.