Best Smartphones for Business and Startups 2017

It wasn’t long ago that Blackberry was the name we had perched on the edge of our lips. It was once a household name and the perfect business accompaniment, without a Blackberry there could have been no success for big businesses and startup companies, but 2017 has since changed that around.
Blackberry was once the only considered business smartphone, it contained everything anyone could need, from setting up simple emails to transferring large documents, it became a business saviour, however the smartphone industry has since changed and Blackberry has become a brand that is rarely mentioned.
With new smartphones being introduced on a yearly basis, and the likes of Samsung, Microsoft and even Apple fighting their way to the top of phone chain, there is no room for error when finding the most suitable smartphones for up and coming businesses.

Samsung has been classed at one of the worlds best phone brands, and the Samsung ‘Galaxy S7 Edge’ falls perfectly into that category. Competing against Blackberry’s Priv and DTEK50 for its security (Knox), the Galaxy S7 Edge comes out on top, not only for providing customers with one of the best security features, but its sleek, modern design and highly powerful battery (3600mAh) and storage capacity (32/64GB) makes it an outstanding piece of technology.
Following closely behind the S7 Edge is the Blackberry DTEK50, regarded as one of the world most secure smartphone. The DTEK50 isn’t known for it’s modernly beautiful design, because in fact, it just doesn’t convey a standout design, instead it is a smartphone that has the capabilities of fully encrypting data, which makes it more manageable when it comes to monitor your businesses information and privacy. It may not be the prettiest, but it is the safest choice if you are looking for something a little more secure.
Another android favourite is the OnePlus 3, the most suitable smartphone for businesses who are on a budget, especially startups. The OnePlus 3 is the definition of value for money, it has all the capabilities of the best selling android but without the price tag. The premium design, 64GB of storage and battery of 3000mAH makes it a powerful competitor.
Moving away from the Android elite, Microsoft has an entry of their own, the Microsoft Lumia 950. The Lumia 950 is a pure representation of what’s great about the Windows 10 mobile version, with a promise of usability across both a mobile and PC platform, it aids in providing users with an effortless experience. If you are looking for a phone that can do it all, then the Lumia 950 is perfect.
Still focusing on brands other than Android and we fall onto Apple’s iPhone 7. This isn’t one which many will sing high praises about, but with its simple user interface and endless business focused apps, it is a smartphone that would be silly to pass. The iPhone 7 is faster and more intelligent than Apple’s previous releases, it offers quality and beauty, something many businesses are looking to acquire in a smartphone.
We suddenly find ourselves falling back onto the Android path with the Blackberry Priv, an usual design that sees it working with the Android OS, it still maintains its business style focus with its high security appeal, but by embracing Android it has made it a standout piece, one that will most probably be a part of businesses for a longtime to come.
Blackberry has always been known for its keyboards and the Priv is no different, accompanied by a slide-out keyboard and packed with 32GB of storage it’ll be a life saviour to many.